As Canadian operators race to strengthen their positions in the cannabis landscape, are international pursuits outside North America still top of mind?

The role that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have played in the expansion of Canadian companies across the globe has been monumental for the growth of the cannabis industry. Now the space has reached a critical point as the demands of the US market increase.

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A longstanding executive for a foundational publicly traded Canadian cannabis firm is set to return to the space as CEO of a company looking to shift strategies.

Terry Booth is expected to become the official new leading executive at Australis Capital (CSE:AUSA,OTCQB:AUSAF) pending an acquisition deal set to close before February 22.

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After successfully becoming the first company to develop proprietary knowledge to control the production of cannabis cells in liquid media, BioHarvest Sciences (CSE:BHSC) CEO Ilan Sobel shares his thoughts on how the company is embarking on a journey to take a space in the cannabis market while making a fundamental difference to the overall health and wellness of the populations of the world.

“Our number one focus every day has to be around driving human utility value, how we make the world better every single day for the consumers through the use of our products,” Ilan said.

BioHarvest’s ground-breaking milestone leverages its patented BioFarming technology, independent of any specific cannabis strain genetics. This optimization of the trichome’s growth is a key condition and major enabler for the consistent, cost-efficient and sustainable production of plant-cell-based cannabis and cannabinoids.

The company takes pride in its breakthrough biotech technology, which allows it to deliver on the health and wellness needs of consumers and acquire that strong market momentum in 2021.

For more from Ilan Sobel, watch the full interview above.

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A big change is in store for the Australian cannabis market thanks to a new rule recently approved by the country’s health regulatory agency. 

In December, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) confirmed it would begin allowing the sale of low-dose cannabidiol (CBD) products over the counter by a pharmacist.

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The cannabis investment proposal has been intrinsically tied to politics since the beginning. Now as the US sets off with new leadership, the industry is looking ahead for what may be in store.

After January’s runoff elections in Georgia, Democrats now have a 50/50 split in the Senate, alongside a majority in the House of Representatives and a sitting president in Joe Biden.

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Kacey Morrissey: After Biden Win, Don’t Expect Cannabis Legalization

Even though a a Joe Biden presidency offers a rosier outlook for the US cannabis industry, a leading data expert doesn’t anticipate federal legalization in the immediate future.

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