World High Life’s (OTCQB: WRHLF) wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp, is embracing the idea, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  In early 2020, COVID-19 turned into a global pandemic, and in an instant, created a tough environment for both businesses and consumers alike.  Tony Calamita, the CEO of Love Hemp, a London-based CBD company playing a leadership role in the development of the United Kingdom’s (UK) leading range of trusted CBD products, accepted the challenge and has capitalized on these tough times with a dramatic surge in online sales.

While the world began to lock down and shelter-in-place, Calamita’s team got creative by dedicating all of Love Hemp’s resources and team to building upon their advanced e-commerce platforms—realizing that the major retail path would be beyond their control during the pandemic.  As a result, consumers began to engage with the company in an unprecedented fashion, and Love Hemp, with its multiple e-commerce platforms, has accelerated its online brand strategy months ahead of planned targets.

And Love Hemp’s strategy and execution has worked to perfection.

World High Life announced that Love Hemp’s online sales in May 2020 eclipsed online sales figures from January 2020 by an astounding 107%.  These numbers come on the heels of month-over-month growth every single month since January.  The year 2020, while dismal for many businesses across the globe, has been a breakout campaign for Love Hemp—a company that expects the jump in sales during the pandemic to lead to longer-term gains—all while putting World High Life and its efforts to grow an investment portfolio in the legal medicinal cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, on the map as a serious competitor in these industries.

Brands, like Love Hemp, that have enjoyed a surge in online sales have most likely also enjoyed a rush of first-time customers giving them a monumental opportunity to differentiate themselves from other brands with what is a captive audience experiencing new innovative products as they’re rolled out among the already-popular choices.

Love Hemp already has over 80 products, including oils, sprays, edibles, cosmetics, and vapes, and has around 1,200 retail listings.  Combined, these products have positioned the company as one of the UK’s leading CBD and hemp product suppliers, but the company isn’t stopping there because as Love Hemp’s CEO points out, the company is always expanding its product line to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

“Love Hemp has always been passionate about creating a leading range of trusted CBD products.  Over the past few years, we have seen the demand for CBD products soar in the UK as more and more people become aware of its benefits to well-being.”  Tony Calamita continued, “New product development is at the heart of our business—we were the first functional spring water in Europe to be infused with CBD.  Oils, sprays, vapes, chocolate, jelly domes, and beauty products, including the first CBD-infused face masks and body salves, have all followed.”

One such product that illustrates Love Hemp’s desire to meet consumer demand is Love Hemp Immune.  The company successfully pushed this product to market well ahead of schedule to meet the needs of consumers.  It is an innovative product that truly confronts the current times we’re all living in, so Calamita and his team made it a priority to launch it sooner rather than later.  Love Hemp Immune is made with the highest quality ingredients, including a combination of CBD, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Bilberry extract.  It contains all of the essential supplements that support a healthy immune system, and the company says it’s available in both a 100 ml atomizer spray, as well as, in capsule form.

Calamita said of the early release, “We were due to launch Love Hemp Immune in the Winter of 2020, but we have worked around the clock to get it to consumers sooner—and moved forward the launch by six months—launching it in April 2020 instead.  Boosting our immune systems has rarely felt more urgent than now, and Love Hemp Immune contains the perfect combination of beneficial ingredients that will help boost the body’s natural defenses.”

Last month World High Life announced that Love Hemp is achieving its plans of growth and brand expansion with a host of notable highlights, including:

  • The Love Hemp brand ( has secured a number of notable listings with leading retailers, such as Boots to complement its existing listings with Ocado, Holland and Barrett, and Sainsbury’s.
  • According to Alliance Healthcare, the UK’s leading distributor to pharmacies and independent retailers, the Love Hemp brand is now its best-selling CBD brand.
  • The brand is in negotiations with some of the largest retailers in the UK for multiple new product listings.
  • To support the growing demand and sales of its products, Love Hemp’s secondary online retailer, CBDOilsUK (, is expanding its product portfolio with three new brands and a renewed web presence in the near future.
  • LH Botanicals (, Love Hemp’s CBD wholesale production business, is adding production capacity and new product lines with the acquisition of new machines.

Brightfield Group, the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and cannabis industries said of weathering the pandemic, “Smaller brands often rely on small or local retailers to distribute the bulk of their products.  In the current environment, mass shuttering of retailers is likely to deal a death blow to many of the smaller brands in the market.  This could actually work in favor of many of the larger brands, who are better positioned to weather the storm and be able to support a robust e-comm strategy.  If they can keep the lights on over the next few months, they may be competing in a much less crowded field once we emerge from the crisis.”

Love Hemp, however, is unlike many smaller brands and has proven that it is an exception to the rule as it is not only weathering these tough times but thriving in them.  The company’s success is likely due to the infrastructure it already had in place to prosper in times like these.

Love Hemp has its own wholesale production business with LH Botanicals, which is the UK’s biggest seed-to-shelf premium CBD supplier.  It provides a complete range of CBD products for wholesale, bulk, and white label and it works with brands to formulate and develop their own finished products.  Additionally, Love Hemp has its own secondary online retailer, and it has already secured shelf space in pharmacies and with leading retailers, and the company has a team that is constantly thinking outside-the-box to develop new products and negotiate shelf space with some of the UK’s largest retailers.

Brightfield Group released new consumer research in mid-March 2020 that indicated, anxiety rated as the highest ailment among CBD users with depression and insomnia following close behind.  But, interestingly, Brightfield Group found that self-care products have become a popular topic on social media.  With much of the world in quarantine or slowly emerging from it right now, Brightfield Group says, “many are turning to self-care indulgences to keep themselves sane and even just pass the time, which is likely to help boost some CBD self-care products during quarantine time.”

Love Hemp is in a position to offer products that can help with what is ailing each of these groups.  First, all of the company’s products have certified CBD concentration and are certified to be 100% THC free.  Globally there is growing awareness about the possible health benefits of CBD oil, including for anxiety relief, as an anti-seizure solution, for pain relief, as a neuroprotective, etc., and Love Hemp even offers self-care products.

Brightfield Group has estimated significant growth over the next four years in the European market.  The firm’s research expects 400% growth in Europe’s legal cannabis market by the end of 2023, and with Love Hemp situated in the UK and succeeding, it is in an ideal position to capture a large share of that growing European market.  Read about World High Life/Love Hemp’s planned brand expansion in other global CBD markets:

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About World High Life

World High Life PLC is an investment company with a strategic focus to invest in and/or acquire companies operating in the CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis industry.  The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp Ltd., is one of the UK’s leading CBD and Hemp product suppliers and has more than 40 product lines, comprising oils, sprays and vapes, and a variety of edible and water-based CBD products.  Love Hemp has established relationships with over 1,200 stores in the UK, including leading brands such as Ocado, Holland & Barrett, and WH Smith.

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