Valens (TSXV:VGW, CSE:VGW, OTCQB:VGWCF) CEO Tyler Robson joined the Investing News Network to discuss his company’s plans ahead of the legalization of cannabis extracts in Canada.

The company has secured partnerships with eight of the top 10 licensed producers in Canada, therefore establishing Valens as an essential player in the Canadian cannabis extracts space.Valens CEO Tyler Robson says that based on findings in a report entitled “The Future of Cannabis in Canada,” he believes Canadians are interested in new delivery methods for ingesting cannabis.

According to Valens CEO Tyler Robson, the company intends to capitalize on the second wave of legalization in Canada before expanding beyond its current domestic operations. Currently, Valens offers a variety of services to its clients. These services include analytical testing, product development, extraction and formulation testing. According to Valens CEO Tyler Robson, the company also plans to establish a footprint in Europe, South America and Australia.

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Below is a transcript of our interview with Valens CEO Tyler Robson. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please tell us your name, your company and its ticker symbol.

Valens CEO Tyler Robson: I’m Tyler Robson, CEO and director of Valens GroWorks. Our stock ticker is VGW on the CSE and VGWCF on the OTC.

INN: Are there any findings you would like to highlight from “The Future of Cannabis in Canada” report?

TR: Yes, there are two main things we want to highlight. Firstly, two-thirds of Canadians would like to use edibles or beverages as a different delivery system for ingesting cannabis. Secondly, men and women of all ages are spending the same amount of money on cannabis products.

INN: How is Valens preparing for the legalization of edibles and concentrates in October?

TR: The Canadian cannabis landscape is changing and we believe that a lot of people are excited for concentrates, beverages and auxiliary products. These are coming later this year, close to or on October 17. Further to that, we believe that people want different delivery systems, and we’re really trying to ramp up in our product offerings for consumers.

INN: What can you tell us about Valens’ extraction partnerships and agreements? 

TR: We have signed eight of the top 10 licensed producers in Canada for different types of extraction services, whether it’s hydrocarbon, ethanol or CO2. In addition, we also offer different levels of refinement, ranging from crude to an isolate, or in actual product development for gel caps, tinctures or vaporizer pens.

INN: What types of services do you offer your partners and clients?

TR: We offer multiple services that range from analytical testing, product development, extraction or even fee-for-service formulation testing.

INN: Could you please tell us about Valens’ domestic and global expansion plans?

TR: As the Canadian sector starts to mature, we believe we have a very strong foothold in Canada. In Canada, it’s all about execution. Since our business model is so profitable and fundamentally sound, we plan on taking it to the domestic market and the global market as well. More importantly, we plan to have a footprint in Europe, South America and eventually Australia.

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